Area, Distance & Drive Time Analysis


Custom and standard drive time, area and distance reports available
Drive time and driving distance reports can be generated
England, Scotland & Wales covered.
Report Pricing starts at £12 per report

Analyse areas based on drive time or distance

Area, Distance and Drive Time Reports

Our easy to understand distance and drive time reports will make sure that you quickly see the information that is important to your decision making.

You are not just limited to drive times, we can also base the report on a distance radius and even plot custom areas for you.


We offer a standard report which includes key demographics of the area along with the number of households, average salary and number of businesses. In addition to this we include the postcode sector overlap analysis.  For an example of our standard report please see here.


The drive time report is generated from a central point and takes into account average road speed’s and traffic build up hot spots making sure the information you receive is accurate.

Image shown is a 3 mile drive from the Bullring Shopping Centre

Whats Included

Our standard report priced at £59 plus vat contains:


  • Distance, Drive time or area overview (households, population, average household income,  average house price, social grade, tenure, qualifications, employment, children, age breakdown and number of businesses)
  • Expanded demographics for the area by are and by postcode sector (gender, social status, property type, tenure, household structure, marital status, employment, children, age breakdown, qualifications, disability, vehicles, ethnicity and religion)
  • Map highlighting drive time, distance or custom area.
  • Postcode sector coverage (how much of the sector is within the drive time)
Simple to use report builder

Bulk Purchase reports from as little as £12 per report

We now have available bulk purchase packages for our distance, area and drive time reports.

The system will work on a credit basis where you have the option to pre-purchase a number of credits (1 credit = one report) at a discount for your future reports.  The credits can also be used against other products such as our Audience Finder Reports which will also be 1 credit per report.

25 Credits

£ 750 Plus VAT
  • £30 per report

50 Credits

£ 750 Plus VAT
  • £15 per report
40% off

100 Credits

£ 1200 Plus VAT
  • £12 per report

200 Credits

£ 2,000 Plus VAT
  • £10 per report

The credits have an expiry of 24 months and our usual turnaround time of around 4 business hours on report creation still stands.

Choose from a wide range of Demographic Data Types

Bespoke Area and Drive Time Analysis

We also offer bespoke drive time, distance and custom area reports.  Choose the demographics that are important to you from a large selection Listed below).  Costs start at £79 plus vat for bespoke reports.  Once you have ordered your first bespoke report, further reports using the same format will only be £45 plus vat.

For more information on our bespoke reports or to let us know your requirement please get in contact with us through our chat (right hand side of page) or by filling out our enquiry form.

  • Age (grouped or by 1 year bands)
  • Male-Female split
  • Social Grade
  • Country of Birth
  • Economic Activity
  • Ethnic Group
  • Population Headcounts
  • Household Counts
  • Business Counts
  • Household Composition
  • Long-Term Health Problem
  • Method of travel to work
  • Vehicles in Household
  • Religion
  • Qualifications
  • Tenure by Household
  • Household Size
  • Average House Price

This is by no means an extensive list so please let us know what your bespoke requirements are.

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